Aaron Lessing

About Aaron

For Aaron Lessing, forging a strong working relationship with his clients, perfectly understanding his client’s needs, analysing the facts so he can best apply the most current law he well knows, and then fighting hard to achieve the best possible outcomes, all define how Aaron he sees his work and achieves his successes as an experienced, competent and trustworthy family law lawyer.

Aaron has represented many clients with difficult and complex cases, including division of family property concerning complex corporate structures and large companies, defending and advancing claims to large awards of spousal and child support, sustaining successful claims to custody for children alienated by parents and defending parties where attempts are made to remove children from the care of a good parent. He has experienced and successfully handled virtually all types of family cases, and receives referrals from professionals including corporate and family lawyers, judges, police enforcement, psychologists, doctors, engineers and court registry staff.

Capable of wearing many different hats, Aaron can deftly move between litigation, negotiation and mediation, where the benefit of particular approach is required, and he is committed to protecting your interests at all costs.

Aaron understands the taxing and sometimes difficult processes involved in family law cases, and will ensure that the stress of your case is reduced as much as is possible through his hard work.

Aaron has practiced for 25 years, he has several employees who have worked with him for 15 to 20 years and their experience and acumen will help you with the problems you face.

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