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Lessing Brandon Family Law

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Lessing Brandon Family Law

We will work with you to ensure fair and equitable child custody and support.

Focused Exclusively on BC Family Law

Your life has changed course and a divorce is not what you had planned. Good representation is imperative to ensure that your needs for child support and parenting time are fully considered by the court. Your views on how assets should be most fairly divided must be heard. Your situation is unique, and only you possess the full perspective required for the court to deliver justice. We will represent your voice through clear, concise argument built upon a complete body of evidence, and delivered in a manner that is carefully timed.

Lessing Brandon will walk you through the process of separation with strong support and clear guidance toward the best outcome.

As a Family Law firm, we have the accumulated years of experience within the realm of BC Family Law to properly represent you. If your case is particularly complex, involving hidden assets, undeclared income, joint ownership or partnership, a trust fund or foreign real estate holding we can help you unwind these structures for fair division. The lawyers at Lessing Brandon will collaborate to develop a legal strategy to address the most challenging aspect of your case, thereby ensuring you benefit from the full breadth of our collective experience.